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Introducing the SnapIt Screw!

AlphaOmega Frame Repairs introduces the Snapit Screw, an American invention set to revolutionise the world of spectacle repair. Nancy Tedeschi wasn't trying to invent a breakthrough product when she came up with the idea for her SnapIt screw. But that is just what happened.

Tedeschi's innovative, time-saving screws, which take the pain out of eyeglass repair, have become a big deal in the optical industry. In the 2 years since the distributor OptiSource International introduced SnapIt at the Vision Expo East in New York, more than 5 million screws have been sold.

OptiSource International sells SnapIt's 26 hinge and eyewear designs and plans are in place for the line to grow to the approximately 35 screw sizes that will fit every type of frame. She has also expanded into the Global markets where she is selling her screws. Tedeschi has several patents and patents pending around the world.

Since its launch, SnapIt has won the top prize and the People's Choice Award at the National Invention Contest sponsored by the Inventor's Club of Kansas City, and received an Award of Excellence from the American Optical Laboratories Association, An award from the Australian Optical Association, the 2012 Entrepreneur award from the Greater Washington Technology Alliance Association and most recently took first price in the Walmart Get On The Shelf contest.

"This snapit screw is amazing. I am finding ways to use it for all kinds of eyeglass repair. I am in the Optical field for more than 35 years, and I always think outside the box on fixing eyeglasses. Using all kinds of tools to put the small screws into some hard to reach places. And even modifying some to do the job. With the SnapIt's extra long feeder tab It will let you drop ,push or pry your way into the hinge. Then you just screw it in, and snap it off..."
Michael Vopelak

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The SnapIt Screw Advantage
Time-Saving Solution

Forget lengthy and complicated spectacle repairs. SnapIt Screw offers a quick fix that saves you time and hassle.

Universal Compatibility

The innovative screws are designed to fit all types of spectacles, making them a versatile and essential tool.

Robust and Long-Lasting

Crafted from durable materials, SnapIt Screw ensures your spectacle repairs last longer than ever.

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