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Below are the most common screw sizes for optical frames and sunglasses. Each screw has been designed with a unique, extra long feeder tab to allow you to align the joint with the screw. This long tab also gives you the benefit of easy handling and once the screw is inserted in a joint this tab snaps clean off with just the pressure from your finger and thumb leaving a smooth finish No cutting and No filing, making repairs a pleasure.

Screw measurements available

1.442 1.341.8
1.44.82 1.441.8
1.45.52 1.541.8
1.54.82 1.33.52
1.55.52 1.43.52
1.542.5 1.53.52 1.331.8 1.431.8
1.241.8 1.531.8

The Snapitscrew is made from high quality stainless steel, are self-tapping and includes a coating of Loctite thread lock.
You can order a starter pack wheel which gives you 250 screws in 10 of the most common sizes and individual pots of 25.
Screws come in silver, gold and gunmetal.( Please call 01270 509242 if you require gold or gunmetal )

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